Signs of a Toxic Work Environment

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You have a lot on your plate managing employees. You must initiate an onboarding process for new-hires, implement a new employee scheduling program to facilitate workforce management, set up payroll services to automate local and federal compliance changes – the list goes on. With so much on your plate, the last thing you need is to do your job in a hostile work environment. Such environments can lead to a decline in employee morale and job performance, making your job that much more difficult. So, to help you be more proactive in snuffing out the negativity, the workforce management team at Trackforce Valiant has listed signs of a toxic work environment.

Poor Communication

Great communication is the hallmark of a productive team within a company. When no one’s keeping each other in the loop about job functions or company updates, this can lead to bad performance – on everyone’s part. Lack of communication is one of the signs of a toxic environment and if you notice employees assign work to colleagues without details or a group of employees hold a meeting without letting others know, you’re managing a toxic work environment.


Some love it and some don’t. However, gossip running rampant within the workplace is one of the more evident signs of a toxic work environment and it’s your job to stop it in its tracks. Not only does gossip waste time better spent on constructive conversations, but it can also cause employees to disrespect one another – further reducing employee morale. So, next time you find out Employee A is gossiping about Employee B to others, schedule a mediation with both employees to resolve any issues between them.

High Turnover Rate

When you’re managing a team of employees, a high turnover rate should grab your attention. When your employees generally hold a position at the company for less than a year and then resign, it’s time to take inventory of the company culture to lower the turnover rate. Several factors can cause high turnover rates such as gossip (as previously stated), little to no opportunity for growth or advancement, lack of feedback, and many more.

Lack of Accountability

If employees are quick to throw each other under the bus when an issue arises with a customer or client, it’s a sign of a negative workplace. This not only shows a lack of responsibility, but it also indicates the lack of camaraderie within the workplace. When managing employees, it’s important to emphasize teamwork to increase productivity and boost employee morale. To help encourage teamwork, organize team building activities to establish a sense of camaraderie between your employees.


If you need help spotting the signs of a toxic work environment or would like to learn more about how to streamline workforce management, contact a specialist on our support team at 516-390-1100 today!

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