Our hourly workforce experts have been offering industry-leading solutions since 1995. We have designed seamless technologies to support all aspects of hourly workforce management across various fields of employment. Hospitality industry businesses sing praises about our restaurant payroll software, while our security guard scheduling software guarantees proper staffing and licensing for all posts. As trusted experts in hourly workforce management, we have developed technologies to assist any business meet all reporting, scheduling, and payroll needs.


The Trackforce Valiant Difference

At Trackforce Valiant, we believe in the power of One. One solution is all you need when it comes to managing virtually every aspect of your workforce management. Through one easy to use system, businesses can take care of onboarding new employees, scheduling employees based upon stringent criteria, collect payroll, honor meal credits or tip management, complete payroll, and even meet reporting needs for tax season and beyond.

Our solutions are tailored with your industry and business in mind. We are more than employee scheduling software, we are your partner in workforce management. Our products are utilized for payroll, time & labor management, and human resources as well. As your partner in all these aspects of HR software, we will provide world-class service to troubleshoot any issues and ensure peak performance of your technologies.


Industry-Specific Expertise

Different hourly workforce industries have unique requirements when it comes to their human resources and employee scheduling software. At Valiant, our solutions are trusted by many industries including:

We have developed workforce management technologies meeting the specific needs of each industry we serve. For example, our restaurant industry technologies include gratuity management solutions and meal credit allowances. Our systems for the security industry incorporate licensing and local guard requirements to ensure complaint scheduling. Each piece of Valiant technology has been tailored to meet the needs of your business and industry.


Compliance, Simplified

Our experts have streamlined the processes behind reaching all ACA compliance requirements. We can also assist in meeting local and state requirements for industry, ensuring simplified compliance across the board. This includes tracking of employees to ensure eligibility when applicable, along with a self-service portal for plan signup and information.

At Trackforce Valiant, we are not just your scheduling or HR solution. We are your partner in hourly workforce management, working to simplify all aspects of your processes and needs. We encourage you to discover our Valiant solutions yourself by scheduling a demo of our products. Request a Valiant demo today to learn more about our custom-tailored solutions, products, technologies, and support.