ACA Compliance Solution 
Integrated, Automated, and Compliant

Trackforce Valiant has developed a fully integrated ACA compliance solution, enabling users to track and manage ACA eligibility in real-time. Set eligibility rules, get notified in real-time when employees come up for benefits, and automatically populate reports for meeting compliance – in one solution!
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Healthcare and medical coverage is a benefit for employees, providing them with the level of care they need, and giving them affordable options when seeking medical care. With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) enacted in 2010, companies employing more than 50 Full Time Employees (FTE) are required to provide some form of medical insurance for employees.

For many organizations, tracking these requirements is often manual and cumbersome, and prone to risk of errors, which can result in enormous penalties and fines:
Trackforce Valiant ACA Compliance solution

Mitigating Risk with ACA Compliance Software

Through the Trackforce Valiant ACA compliance reporting solution, you can eliminate the complex task of manually tracking eligibility, time accrued and type of eligibility. The Valiant system is doing it in the background for you, so need only respond to the alert and you are able to maintain compliance. Trackforce Valiant’s solution also provides you with automatically populated 1094 and 1095C compliance forms, so when reporting to the IRS on your compliance, the information is already filled out for you.
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Seamlessly Managing Eligibility and Enrollment

Our purpose-built benefits management software allows for simplified ACA compliance solutions. As employees become eligible for healthcare plans, our software tracks these changes to allow employees to self-select their plan, meeting ACA aka Obamacare compliance requirements. Key Features Include:


Real-Time Tracking

ACA Compliance is connected directly to your Valiant payroll management, and compiles this data with ACA eligibility.

Eligibility Rules

Set unique business rules for Full Time eligibility and part time eligibility and track based on employee type

Eligibility Alerts

Get automatically notified when employees are eligible for benefits, and take action.

Integrated Reporting

Automatically generate compliance reports for meeting IRS requirements

With our single portal platform for all timekeeping, payroll, benefits, and HR software, businesses can streamline their ACA compliance. We create greater ease for tracking eligibility, employee health insurance and benefits sign-up, payroll deductions, and tax reporting. Our solutions are trusted by many hourly workforce industries, including the hospitality industry, parking industry, and security guard industry.

Saving Time and Money with ACA Compliance Solutions from Trackforce Valiant

At Trackforce Valiant, we have over 25 years of experience in connecting businesses with their ideal end-to-end solution for employee management. From onboarding all the way through retirement, we strive to be your partner in employee management. With purpose-built software, we are helping businesses improve compliance, reduce risk, ease reporting, and save on costs. Our single platform Affordable Care Act Compliance solution allows businesses to meet all compliance-related challenges, lowering costs associated with this process.

See how you can eliminate risk, integrate ACA, and automate your processes.