Simplifying Employee Benefits

Integrated Benefits Management with Your Workforce Management Platform

Our HR software solution simplifies the process of employee benefits administration, saving time & resources while efficiently tracking elections & waivers, enforcing mandates, & ensuring labor reporting & compliance.

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Key Features of Trackforce Valiant’s Benefits Management Software

  • Reduce burden of enrollment and tracking benefits for employees
  • Allow employees to compare and self-select plans
  • Automatically integrate benefits plans to the Valiant Payroll application
  • Intelligent business rules make all the proper deductions, ensuring compliance
  • Supports both Major Medical plans and Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC)
  • Provide both Medical and Property/Casualty insurance plans
  • Provide employees with Commuter and Flexible Spending options
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Commuter and FSA Benefits: Single Card for all Benefit Deductions

To alleviate the cost for enabling employees to commute to work, many companies implement a commuter benefits program, which enable employees to load funds to pay for their commute on a single card.

Employees can specify how much they want deducted from their paycheck to be put towards commuting and that will automatically be loaded on to their card each month.

Benefits Management Software - Trackforce Valiant
Advantages of Commuter Benefits and FSA
  • Employees can save an average of 30% on commuting through using a commuter card (e.g. An employee that spends an average of $150/month on commuting can save over $500 per year through using a commuter card.)
  • Employers can save an average of 7.65% on payroll taxes with a Commuter Benefits Program
  • FSA plans can have a value of $150/month to employees and have an additional impact on payroll taxes for employers. Employees who add FSA to their card see an average savings of 30% on their medical expenses.

With stringent ACA compliance requirements and HR responsibilities, benefits management is an extensive task made far easier with effective software for managing benefits. At Trackforce Valiant, we are your partner in effective HR software solutions, including our comprehensive benefits platform that allows for full control and accessibility over all aspects of benefits management.

In one simple portal, employees can select their benefits packages, update their information, obtain benefits paperwork, manage benefits online, and more. Managing employee benefits online is simplified with our paperless benefits management software.

Benefits Management Software - Trackforce Valiant

How Integrating Benefits Management and Payroll Management can Impact your Bottom Line

In this day and age, it’s vitally important to have a benefits management solution that truly supports the hourly workforce. Not only are companies providing a self-service portal for employees to compare, calculate and select their plans, but they are offering programs that go beyond Major Medical to including Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC) plans. This gives more options for employees, takes some of the financial burden off the employer, while allowing both parties to benefit from them. This becomes a critical component to better Workforce Management Solutions.
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Meeting Employer Benefits Requirements

There are varying levels of benefits requirements in regards to ACA compliance, with businesses of varying sizes needing different fits for their benefits opportunities. Notably, businesses must offer employees a Summary of Benefits of Coverage, in which plan features and costs are thoroughly explained. Our benefits management software allows employees to self-select benefits, with in-depth descriptions of all plans and details to meet this compliance requirement.

Linking Payroll to Benefits

Tracking payroll deductions, waivers, and other aspects of benefits administration is simplified with our single portal benefits and HR software. Our end-to-end solution allows employers to manage all aspects of employment data, including scheduling, benefits, payroll, and deductions. For seamless HR responsibilities and benefits management, Valiant is your partner.


Enroll, renew, & manage your employee benefits online

One Complete Solution

Provide the ability to compare and select plans, at a touch of a button

Easy to Manage

Save on energy, time, paper, and money associated with directing benefits programs

Stay Compliant

Stay compliant with easy access to all the data and reports you will need

With over 25 years of experience in creating seamless workforce management solutions, our team at Trackforce Valiant understands the day-to-day needs your company faces. Our technologies are purpose-built, providing businesses with effective tools to manage and track workforces, payroll, time and labor, billing, and benefits. Our systems provide full transparency and ease of use for all managers, owners, and employees.

Effective benefits management intersects with payroll, compliance, and scheduling to mitigate risks of disparity or failed compliance. As regulations continue to change, the requirements and processes of managing employee benefits will grow increasingly complex. We are your partner in benefits management, working to ease all aspects of this task. Our benefits portal improves compliance, reduces paperwork, and streamlines all benefits-related processes to save time for both employees and benefits managers.

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Trackforce Valiant Workforce Benefit Solutions

Dedicated, Self Service Portal

Trackforce Valiant’s integrated benefits management solution provides clients with a centralized way to allows employees to view all available plans, compare your different plan offerings, and select the plan that make sense for their well-being. As they enroll in the benefits packages, this information is automatically integrated with Trackforce Valiant’s payroll application, so you can eliminate the burden of matching benefit deductions to your employee’s payroll.
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