Human Resources

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Human Resources Software

Effective human resources software can assist in completion of required HR tasks, paperwork, and reporting from both management and employees. Our payroll software team has developed tailored HR software to meet the needs of your business, no matter the industry. From onboarding to retirement, our human resources software systems offer complete support for all HR responsibilities.

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HR Software Systems for Your Industry

Industries utilizing an hourly workforce require unique approaches when it comes to human resource management software. Payroll software, HR solutions, benefits programs, and compliance solutions must all work cohesively to provide one streamlined solution. Our human resources software systems have been developed to provide one access point for all aspects of employee management, from attracting new employees to onboarding, scheduling, and all the way through retirement. We are your partner in efficient human resources management utilizing the latest software and online workforce management solutions.

Tracking & Onboarding

Our self-service portal provides tracking and onboarding for all employees. Specialized features include:

  • Custom portal made to match the look and feel of your brand
  • Centralized location to view positions, applicants, and associated hiring information
  • Alert system for sending notifications and communicating with potential hires
  • HR profiles for storage of applicant data
  • HR file management of personal, employee, benefits, compliance, etc.

Employee Performance & Retention Software

With our human resource management software, managers are able to track employee performance, attendance, and more, helping with improved retention and efficiency. Features include:

  • Recording function for both personal and performance-based employee attributes
  • Alert function for necessary actions in licenses and training
  • Affordable Care Act compliance function and support
  • Transit benefits function and support

Employee Self-Service

With comprehensive reporting and industry-tailored features, our online human resources solution allows employees to access crucial functions:

  • Time & rate access for pay stubs, hours worked, PTO requests, & rates paid
  • Employee pay statement history
  • Ability to submit leave requests electronically
  • Tax form access to W-4, W-2, 1099, ACA, & annual compensation statements
  • Mobile app for employees, available for iOS & Android

By establishing an employee self-service portal, our HR software solutions allow for greater efficiency. Rather than employees requesting information or hours to their HR team directly, they can obtain their information through our reporting systems, saving time on both ends of the equation and freeing up time for increased productivity.

HR Solutions Tailored to You

At Trackforce Valiant, we believe that best practices and efficient technologies can intersect to improve the overall function of any business. Our centralized solutions bring greater transparency, control, and efficiency to all aspects of human resources. We can assist with workforce management automation, payroll, benefits, and much more. Contact our team to request your free demo of our HR software solutions.