Human Resources

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Tracking & Onboarding

  • Custom portal made to match the look and feel of your brand
  • Centralized location to view positions, applicants and associated hiring information
  • Alert system for sending notifications and communicating with potential hires
  • HR profiles for storage of applicant data
  • HR file management of personal, employee, benefits, compliance, etc.

Employee Performance & Retention

  • Recording function for both personal and performance-based employee attributes
  • Alert function for necessary actions in licenses and training
  • Affordable Care Act function and support
  • Transit benefits function and support

Employee Self-Service

  • Time and rate access for pay stubs, hours worked, PTO requests and rates paid
  • Employee pay statement history
  • Ability to submit leave requests electronically
  • Tax form access to W-4, W-2, 1099, ACA and annual compensation statements