Valiant Payroll is Tailor-Made for the Hourly Workforce, Easy to Implement, and the Compliant Way to Pay Your Employees.

Abandon the one-size-fits all payroll approach, shorten the implementation process, junk out-of-date spreadsheets and experience 100% US based support services with expertise in hourly workforce needs and compliance.

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Valiant Payroll

Your Partnership with Valiant

What It Does

Automated Compliance
Auto-updates to your local and federal compliance changes
Bundled Files
Houses all of your files, from all of your systems, in one place
Tailored Management
Allows management of settings based on your policies
Instant Processing
Automates, imports, displays and reports in real-time

What You’ll Get

A Software Fitting
An hourly workforce expert to assess your specific needs
Made-to-Measure Connectivity
An hourly workforce implementation expert to tailor the software
Traditional Service
A US based, hourly workforce expert to partner with you
Trusted Reliability
Software and service that has been relied on for over 25 years

Why You’ll Stay

We’ve Got Experience.
We specialize in hourly workforce payroll.
Personalized Support
We don’t just service you, we partner with you.
Local Compliance Support
No one else does local compliance like we do.
Operational Support
In-house Payroll policies change? We’re on it.
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