Start Guiding Your Guards to Success.

Trackforce Valiant’s feature-rich mobile and desktop security workforce tracking software applications are designed to help security companies operate smarter.

Security workforce tracking software - Trackforce Valiant

Putting You in Control of Front-Line Operations.

Track guard tours, manage visitors, customize incident and activity reports with ease, and more. With an intelligent solution tailor-made for the security industry, Trackforce Valiant’s security workforce tracking software improves guard accountability and helps optimize security operations.

Increased Officer Productivity

Forget about paper and spreadsheets. Ensure officers perform their tasks efficiently and document everything digitally.

Customizable to All Your Needs

From guard tours, reporting, to analytics, one price gets you access to a fully customizable guarding solution.

Realize the Power of Data

Correlate information from multiple data points with powerful analytics, allowing you to optimize efficiency and anticipate risks.

Take Guard Tours to the Next Level.

Security companies and organizations trust the leading guard tour management system to deliver efficiency with their guard tours.

With Trackforce Valiant’s security workforce tracking software, instantly know the status of each tour – when it is in progress, when it is complete, and if any checkpoints have been missed. Enhance all guard tours with photos and videos, instructions, reports, and GPS location.

Security workforce tracking software - Trackforce Valiant
Security workforce tracking software - Trackforce Valiant

Create High-Quality Incident & Activity Reports with Real-Time Information

Trackforce Valiant’s comprehensive real-time reports allow our clients to exceed their customer’s expectations.

Virtually create an unlimited amount of fully customizable incident and activity report templates with support for time-stamped photos, audio, GPS location, and notes.

Access a Comprehensive Command Center to Monitor Security Situations

The Trackforce Valiant command center is the trusted solution to help security companies increase readiness and reduce response time during critical events or emergencies.

From officer location to officer shifts, the command center enables you to manage all sites from one central location be it locally or globally – and is easily adaptable for use with any web browser.

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Security workforce tracking software - Trackforce Valiant
Security workforce tracking software - Trackforce Valiant

Catalog Instructions and Operating Procedures With Digital Post Orders

Trackforce Valiant’s digital Post Orders module allows security guards to access much needed information exactly when they need it.

Ensures guards receive up-to-date instructions with real-time updates and notifications. Plus, guards can easily pass down relevant information to the next guard on duty without losing a beat. Quickly customize post orders by post, client, or site with easy-to-adapt post orders templates.

Streamline Guest Processing and Prevent Unauthorized Access

Trackforce Valiant’s robust visitor management solution simplifies guest and visitor registration, badge creation, and the generation of essential visitor lists.

With a click of a button, log visitors with a quick registration before they arrive on-site. Gain access to automatic reporting for daily, weekly or monthly visitations using custom data points with multiple export options.

Security workforce tracking software - Trackforce Valiant
Security workforce tracking software - Trackforce Valiant

Access a Real-Time Dashboard Made to Optimize Your Operations

Trackforce Valiant’s dashboard provides security companies with a critical tool made to ensure competitiveness and profitability.

Combining powerful analytics with business intelligence, the Real-Time Dashboard is the one place supervisors and managers can see incident reports, guard tours, shifts and everything else that’s critical to improving business.

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