Time & Labor Management

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For businesses with a large proportion of hourly employees, time and labor management can make or break probability and ease of operations. At Valiant Solutions, we are your partner in time and labor management. We have developed industry-specific services and technologies to streamline all aspects of time and labor management, from timesheets to payroll and everywhere in between. With our custom employee scheduling software, timekeeping solutions, and payroll support, proper time and labor management of an hourly workforce has never been easier.

Visibility and Control Over Employee Scheduling

Scheduling is where successful management of time and labor begins. Businesses need the necessary insight to properly schedule their hourly workforce to reduce unnecessary overtime and other costs associated with poor scheduling. Our employee scheduling and labor management tools help to:

  • Successfully create and maintain rotating and dynamic schedules, listing each worksite, position, and qualifications by job
  • Detect and prevent scheduling conflicts
  • Drive profitability by reducing unnecessary overtime costs
  • Employee access to monthly schedule and shift information

Time & Attendance Management

With our time and labor management system, shift scheduling is intuitive with a single point solution. Our time and attendance support includes services to help businesses:

  • Create shifts for each position to meet staffing requirements
  • Control how and when employees report hours worked
  • Allow internet-based access to employee timesheets

Timekeeping Technology and Timesheets

Simplify timesheets and hourly employee tracking with our solutions for employee tracking. Our technology offerings include:

  • Time clock software, for increased accuracy and mobility
  • Web-based time collection, to enable real-time shift-clocking, anywhere and anytime
  • Telephony-based time and attendance, driven by voice response technology
  • Biometric time clocks, to prevent time theft and buddy-punching

Reporting and Payroll

For reporting, our time and labor management solutions can help businesses by offering support for all aspects of reporting. Highlights include support to:

  • Track and manage disparate employee pay rates at numerous worksites over multiple shifts
  • Perform accurate job cost analyses

In addition, we offer simplified payroll services to ease payroll. Our payroll and benefits software allows for easy payroll processing, including end of year tax forms for all employees. By tracking hourly employee benefits and hours worked, we’re able to alert businesses when employees become eligible for benefits along with providing enrollment services. We’re not only your partner in time and labor management, but also your team in ACA compliance.

At Valiant Solutions, we have designed our services to help businesses from all industries simplify hourly employee workforce management. This includes payroll, scheduling, timekeeping, and time and labor management. With a knowledgeable workforce management team, we understand how to meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to workforce management. Contact us today to learn more about our time and labor management technologies.