Time & Labor Management

Complimentary Consultation



  • Successfully create and maintain rotating and dynamic schedules, listing each worksite, position, and qualifications by job
  • Detect and prevent scheduling conflicts
  • Drive profitability by reducing unnecessary overtime costs
  • Employee access to monthly schedule and shift information

Time & Attendance

  • Create shifts for each position to meet staffing requirements
  • Control how and when employees report hours worked
  • Allow internet-based access to employee timesheets


  • Time clock software, for increased accuracy and mobility
  • Web-based time collection, to enable real-time shift-clocking, anywhere and anytime
  • Telephony-based time and attendance, driven by voice response technology
  • Biometric time clocks, to prevent time theft and buddy-punching


  • Track and manage disparate employee pay rates at numerous worksites over multiple shifts
  • Perform accurate job cost analyses