What is the Return on Investment Workforce Management Solutions can provide?


Valiant provides an end-to-end solution to track Security Firms' hourly workforce, visualize schedules, and connect time and labor to payroll in a seamless, error-proof process.

We believe in reducing the complexity of managing the hourly workforce by providing a solution that connects the time worked by employees, to the time earned in payroll, with a focus on revenue and profitability.

How Valiant can help provide a Return on Investment:

  • Security-focused Solution: We have a strong knowledge of the security industry, mapped to a technology purpose-built for your company's unique scheduling needs.
  • Our TLM solution is robust and catered to security: Our TLM is the most industry-focused on guarding, and provides a robust and feature-rich experience.
  • Connectivity to Payroll: Our Payroll and TLM solution allows companies to quickly process, see exceptions, and move faster in time worked to time earned (and billed).
  • Reduce Compliance Risk: Our solution has been built to reduce compliance risk, seek out opportunities to reduce costs, maintain compliance, and help your business operate more efficiently.
  • Best-Practices Partner: Valiant is a consultant in the industry for our clients, and have the history and experience to drive value for your business beyond just implementation.

Cloud-Based Solution for:

  • Time and Labor Management
  • Payroll Management
  • HR Management
  • Mobile Guard Tracking
  • Billing and Invoicing
and more!

Average ROI Savings with Valiant:
Average size of 300 active service employees

Reduction Area:Annual Savings:
Direct Labor Overtime Reduction:$50,700
Staff Efficiency$29,536
Payroll Error Reduction:$22,815
Billing Error Reduction:$31,590
Increase in Gross Profit:$134,461
Increase in Gross Profit %:1.6%
Monthly Increase in Profit:$11,205

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