The Security Guard Growth Curve: How can you grow your Security Business Effectively?


What is the current state of the market in Security, and how do you grow?

For the Security Guard industry, the world continues to get smaller and smaller. In the last 5-7 years, there have been more investment in guard companies, more mergers and acquisitions taking place than in the history of guarding. What are the market factors that are causing this movement, and what does it mean for the small to mid-sized guard firm looking to compete in a market where margins are tight and cost of labor is rising?

In this report we will look at the current state of the market, and how there is a prime need for companies to understand where they fit in the landscape. Most importantly, we will illustrate the levels of business maturity that happens during each stage of a company’s growth, and what you can do to move up to the next level of growth and compete more effectively.

You Will Learn:
  • The State of the Industry: Where the industry is today and how companies are driving value at different levels
  • The Growth Curve: We outline the security growth curve, which maps out the key milestones that companies need to achieve to grow and scale
  • Assessing your Growth: We provide you with key questions to ask to determine your overall “Growth Quotient” – how you sit on the curve
  • Scaling and Moving up the Curve: We outline the key elements required to move up the curve, and how to help you grow and scale in this dynamic market

Let us show you how you can optimize processes and mitigate risk for growth: