The Power of ONE: How Centralizing your Workforce Management Solution can increase efficiency

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When it comes to managing an hourly workforce, there is a level of fluidity in scheduling, payroll processing, and ensuring that compliance standards are met.  It’s rare that schedules are every truly fixed, turnover is a constant reality, and wage and labor compliance are constant challenges. As a result, defining and implementing a Workforce Management Solution is a true moving target for many businesses today.


Too often there is a level of disparity in how the hourly workforce is managed. Companies often resort to what’s most comfortable to achieve the goal – spreadsheets, white boards, paper schedules, and multiple systems for payroll management, time and labor management, hiring, and benefits management. It’s rate that any of these processes talk to each other, and as a result, there is often a manual exercise of entering information twice – sometimes three times –  to get it all connected properly.


As companies look to grow, become more efficient, and reduce costs, these manual methods are just too cumbersome to be effective. Companies are looking for a “Single Source of the Truth” when it comes to managing their workforce – one that will move information from one part of the process to the next so that there is no risk of errors, provides visibility into true costs, and gain control over how and when people get paid.




This is what a Workforce Management Solution seeks to help with.  Here’s how:

  1. Applicant Tracking and Onboarding:  Finding and retaining talent is important, and once you find the right people, you want to ensure you are onboarding them into the right place, with the right qualifications. Linking the sourcing and vetting of your incoming employees directly into your Time and Labor Management Solution and Payroll Management Solution should be seamless. Once they are approved to work and have all the necessary documentation, you want this to automatically feed into the Workforce Management Solution, so that employees are immediately ready to be posted for work.
  2. Linking Time and Labor Management with the Right People– Every Time: The biggest source of noncompliance is that companies are either posting people who don’t meet minimum qualifications, or they have already maxed out on their hours for the week. This can get you into compliance issues, and cut into your profitability. With a centralized Workforce Management Solution, you can connect your Time and Labor management solution with each employee’s ability to work, so that you have a single-sourced visibility into both.
  3. Connecting Time and Labor Management to Payroll Management: Perhaps the biggest challenge many companies face is not in scheduling itself, but aligning the payment and wages that need to be applied to hours work. By leveraging a workforce management solution that connects schedules, hours worked, and wage rates directly into the payroll management solution, you need only click a single button and the Time and Labor management system will intelligently factor in all the elements and produce a comprehensive payroll report. You want to have a workforce automation system that will flag any errors or aberrations and notify you.  This way, you don’t have to search through 1,000’s of hours of employees time cards to determine what went wrong – the system does it for you.
  4. Integrating Benefits Management to Payroll Management: One of the reasons companies stay competitive with retaining talent is a combination of wages and employee benefits. Employees want to know that not only are they receiving a competitive wage, but their well-being is taken care of. Workforce Management solutions that integrate the benefits selection and enrollment in an automatic way help give the employee visibility and choice in their selections, but connect it directly to their Payroll Management Solution, so that their employee benefits are directly impacted on their pay checks.

The integrated Workforce Management Solution is about the power of one – a single location where everything takes place, information is not lost, and both employees and employers have visibility into the information. It also provides a more efficient way to eliminate disparity of data, alleviates risk of noncompliance, and allows companies to focus on what matters most – running their business.


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