Time Collection integrated with Payroll.

Streamline the process of managing your workforce with TimePro, integrated with Trackforce Valiant.

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Re-define the way you think of Time.

Part of the challenge with managing the complex schedules within restaurants is the ability not only to collect time, but also do it in a way that keeps you in compliance. Employees within the restaurant business having various different wage rates, tip calculations and blended rates – all of which can be complex when trying to accurately collect the hours worked at the proper wage, and calculate the proper gratuities involved.


Intelligent Time Collection with TimePro


Integration into Trackforce Valiant Payroll Management

TimePro eliminates the complexity with their robust time collection system, which provides an intelligent time keeping platform that leverages the time worked with the employees wage rate at the location they clock in. Through TimePro, employees’ rates are accurately collected, compiled and allocated properly, in compliance with the rates and wages that are set for that employee.
Trackforce Valiant integrated with TimePro’s time collection management system provides a seamless way to send information from the time keeping system to Trackforce Valiant’s payroll management system. Once connected, the information related to employees’ time worked is distributed to the payroll management system and all the wage rates, tips, benefits and deductions are automatically calculated into the payroll information.

With a click of the button, the payroll can be distributed without any issues, manual entry, or spreadsheets.

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  • Client-controlled payroll with immediate access to completed payroll data
  • Immediate notification of cash funding requirements
  • instant access to payroll reports and checks/voucher


  • Successfully create and maintain rotating and dynamic schedules, listing each worksite, position, and the qualifications required for each job
  • Detect and prevent scheduling conflicts
  • Employee access to monthly schedule and shift information
All in One Solution
  • Payroll purpose-built for hourly workforces
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Extensive compliance and reporting
  • Integrations with POS and third-party applications
  • General ledger interface
  • Tip management, tax and meal credits

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