Trackforce Valiant Acquires Silvertrac

Trackforce Valiant Acquires Silvertrac Software – what this means for Security Guard Firms Looking to Grow

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As we enter a new year, we all seek the opportunity for transformation. Whether personal or professional, transformation is one thing that helps us to move forward and grow. For Trackforce Valiant, transformation has been a major theme for the last few months. 2019 saw transformation with Trackforce and Valiant joining forces to become the largest security workforce management solution in the market. Now, 2020 sees transformation with the acquisition of Silvertrac Software, one of the leading guard management solutions for small to mid-sized companies.


Addressing the Needs of the Small to Mid-Sized Guard Firms

The Physical Security Industry has an interesting dynamic in terms of the companies that make up the market.  In some of our recent research, we outlined that, while more than half of the industry’s revenue resides with 4-5 guard firms, the majority of guard companies are in the Small to Mid-Sized market.  In fact, our study showed that over 87% of the market is made up of companies that are under 250 employees.  This is a massive group of companies that represent guarding across the U.S., all of which will face similar challenges in gaining visibility and control in their guarding operations:



Guard Firms Size

While over 50% of the market’s revenue is coming from only 6 guard firms, over 87% of the 8000+ guard companies are under 250 employees


This is where Silvertrac Software shines – for over 12 years, Silvertrac has been providing applications to the SMB guard firms to help them on their journey towards that visibility and control.  Their mission is to help growing guard firms move from paper to digital through their applications for guard touring, reporting, dispatch and task notifications, and more.  Helping these companies realize the gains from automating manual processes can have a major impact on how they operate, and Silvertrac is the perfect fit for business looking to make that leap into digital.


Creating a Platform for All Maturity Stages of the Guarding Industry

One of the reasons for expanding the product family with Silvertrac comes back to Jack Goldsborough’s report on the Security Maturity Cycle.  Guard firms all start out on a growth curve, and as they grow, they advance in maturity.  You want to be able to leverage tools, technology and processes to help you advance your business operations, improve your profit margins, and give you the freedom to grow your business.  The Growth Curve is a great way to visualize this journey:

Security Market Growth Curve

The Security Market Growth Curve takes a company’s maturity and capabilities and assigned levels to determine where they are in their growth.


What we found is that throughout the life-cycle of a company’s growth, there are different needs, challenges and technologies that help a company scale their business.   The product family of Trackforce Valiant and now Silvertrac are able to provide a solution for every part of a company’s growth, no matter their size.  This is a powerful way for a company to enable their software solution to grow with them as they mature on their journey as a business.


Embracing the Transformation of Security Workforce Management Solutions

Looking at the developments of the year, with Trackforce, Valiant and now Silvertrac joining forces, there is a transformation on how Security Guard companies will be able to leverage technology to impact their operations.  Companies, whether large or small, are looking to use technology to augment their business in a positive way.  By having solutions that align to different sizes and scopes of the business helps to create not only a software provider, but a technology partner that helps you throughout your journey of transformation.  With Trackforce Valiant and Silvertrac supporting you on that journey, you have a technology partner built for your growth.


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