What to expect for Intersec 2020 – Trackforce Valiant’s First Major Event of the New Year

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James Felix Regional Director For The Middle East

James Felix Regional Director For The Middle East

As the Trackforce Valiant team joins prominent industry professionals at Intersec, what’s in store for the security industry market in Dubai and across the Middle East?

Throughout the years, the security industry has known Intersec for being one of the go-to events of the season. This year, the show’s highlights will take place in Dubai – a city in a region credited at the forefront for the latest security technologies.

Security in the Spotlight

In an interview with International Security Journal, Andreas Rex, Show Director of Intersect, spoke on how the event has expanded over the recent years. Most importantly, Rex highlights 2020 as the year for steady growth in the security industry with Intersec focusing on the changing role of security within organizations.

“The Show has certainly developed from a place where security equipment is sold to more of an integrated event which shows what security actually means to a business.”

The Middle East Security Market and its Impact on the Security Industry

Since Trackforce Valiant first opened our doors to business in the Middle East, we’ve steadily tracked how the region has shifted and progressed to be one of the most anticipated areas for new business.

For those in the security space, the potential for business growth aligns with the region’s demand for infrastructure development in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait. The region’s emergence for “smart cities” has created the need for safe and secure urban developments, which includes technology with AI (Artificial Intelligence), IOT (Internet-of-Things), as well as traditional technology like video surveillance and workforce management software.

All of these new technologies are expected to be showcased at this year’s Intersec in Dubai. The event’s newest feature, dubbed “The Arena” will give space for cross-sector technologies that address industry-specific challenges. From the 19th – 21st of January, the Arena will cover digital technologies, security challenges and solutions, ending with product highlights and considerations.

The Trackforce Valiant Team in Attendance

Staying with the industry focus, the Trackforce Valiant team will highlight the newest advancements to our security workforce management software, which includes our end-to-end solution tailored to serve even the tightest industry-specific requirements.

Attendees this year will be none other than Jerome Bosc, VP of Worldwide Sales, and James Felix, Regional Sales Director for the Middle East. As Regional Sales Director, James Felix has over 26 years of experience in security management and security consulting in the region.


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