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3 Ways to Keep New Hires Motivated

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If your company is looking for a fresh start in the New Year, most likely you’ve hired several new employees to grow your team and maintain the overall workflow. With more hands on deck and new skill sets added to the team, you expect to increase your team’s productivity, but you have to ensure your new hires are motivated and dedicated to the company. A hiring manager’s job isn’t done just because all open positions have been filled; they still have to ensure an organized onboarding process for new hires. When new hires are set up properly from their very first day, they are more likely to increase productivity than new hires who are still asking for necessary items to do the job they were hired for in the first place. Our workforce management team at Trackforce Valiant offers some guidance with three ways to keep new hires motivated to work hard.

A Workplace Welcome to Remember

One of the effective ways to keep new hires motivated is to start their first day with a “WOW” factor. Though often overlooked by most hiring managers, Day 1 is an important opportunity for first impressions. Make sure new hires have the necessary equipment, such as functioning computers with the latest software, as well as other supplies needed. You can go the extra mile by hanging a “Welcome” banner in the waiting area or go out for a team lunch to give new employees a sense of belonging. Get creative with different ways to welcome them to the company.

Huddle Up with Managers

Team leaders play an important role in cultivating and maintaining productivity in the workplace. Another way to keep new hires motivated to work for your company is to schedule a 1-on-1 with their appointed managers. Getting to know their managers on Day 1 will help the new hires understand everyone’s role in the office as well as to whom they can direct their questions as they settle into the new position. It’s also a great opportunity to get a better sense of what their position entails and the other employees they will be working with directly.

At the end of the first week, managers should encourage new employees for objective feedback. By asking for their input, managers not only better understand which areas of the onboarding process need improvement, but they also demonstrate that they value new employees’ thoughts and opinions. Communicating and actively listening to all employees engenders a trusting, open work environment and keeps new hires motivated and engaged.

Create A Fun Workplace

Starting a new job is stressful. With so many learning curves and company policies, not to mention the dynamic with new co-workers, it will come as no surprise that the new hires might feel anxious. Create a fun and positive workplace culture to make them feel welcome and appreciated. Host a company-sponsored Happy Hour event, organize a potluck, and plan team-building activities – like axe throwing – to boost employee morale across the board!


If you’d like to find more ways to keep new hires motivated, or have questions about our HR software, contact a specialist on our team at 516-390-1100 today!

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