Workforce Management Tricks and Treats!

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It’s Halloween, and that means we’re dressing up, getting candy and sending the kids out for Trick or Treat.  We thought, “Why can’t we have a little Halloween fun with our jobs?” and see what Tricks for Workforce Management Solutions you can employ, and the Treats associated with them.  So here’s our little list of Workforce Management Tricks and Treats to celebrate the day.


Time and Labor Management – the Tricks:  The trick to good Time and Labor Management comes around the way you can visualize your schedule and have your employees associated directly with that post in the schedule.  This way, you can see your labor schedule, and have the employee’s availability to work that post be available when you go to select staff.

The Treat:  Visualizing the schedule and having available employees show up when you go to select it is great, but what’s even better is a Time and Labor Management System that filters by criteria you set.  For example, maybe you want to select employees that have a specific license, qualification or skill.  Or, maybe you want to select only those employees that are under hours.  Look for a system that provides you with intelligent business rules to filter to show only the employees that make sense for that post.  What a Treat that would be!

Payroll Management – the Tricks:  When you want to process payroll, the real trick becomes ensuring that the time worked is accurately reflected in the payroll management system, and all wages, benefits, and deductions are appropriately listed before you cut the checks.  You also want to ensure that any errors, such as overtime, PTO, or Net-Zero paychecks are flagged for your review.  Finding a system that can manage all that is the trick!

The Treat:  When you integrate your Time and Labor Management with Payroll, you can automate this process with a click of a button.  Since you have these two important functions interlinked, information about where your employees worked is automatically passed over to the payroll.  This way, you don’t have to manually re-enter, or pore through hundreds of timesheets to get the accurate time and pay – the system is doing it for you.  More time for you to binge on candy corn!



Human Resources – The Tricks:  Sometimes it feels like turnover is a game of trick or treat – people coming and going, taking all the candy.  Well, maybe not exactly, but turnover is a reality, and you want to make sure that you have an HR system that allows you to continually recruit talent, onboard them easily and create a constant influx of new people through applicant tracking and employee management.

The Treat:  Having an integrated Human Resource applicant tracking solution that links to your payroll can really help to streamline the whole process of attracting new staff, onboarding them, and then immediately incorporating their information into payroll and time and labor.  The benefit is that you don’t have to enter their information manually – once they are onboarded and available to work, they automatically start showing up in the system.  And you take that time and keep binging on the candy corn!

Who says that just because we’re not in costume we can learn new tricks to give us the treats we deserve?  Workforce management Solutions provide you just that.  The solution provides you with new tricks to streamline the process from one part of the employee journey to the next, and interconnects the process, automating throughout operations.   And the treats we get from that is time savings in not having to manually review and re-enter information, the cost-savings from reducing overtime and processing time, and the reduction of manual work.


Workforce Management Solutions do not need to be scary – it’s just a way to take what you already do well, and automate it to free your time, manage costs, and mitigate risk.


Now, back to that candy corn….


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